Ojibway Natural Coconut Oil Soap

Ojibway Natural Coconut Oil Soap

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Ojibway Natural
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Treat your face and body with all natural, essential oil infused coconut oil soap. These luxurious bars are gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. Indigenize your shower with our Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage varieties. Soothe and unwind with our lovely lavender scent. Refresh and energize your skin with our citrus, peppermint and eucalyptus scents. Exfoliate and moisturize with our Shea Oat and Honey and Exfoliating Coffee soaps. And don't forget our detoxifying Activated Charcoal bar, perfect for problem skin.

Size: 75g


Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Essential Oil, (Coffee), (Activated Charcoal), (Shea butter), (Oatmeal), (Honey)