Elderberry Immune Defense Capsules

Elderberry Immune Defense Capsules

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Elderberry Capsules are for those who want to benefit from an elderberry-only supplement as part of their daily supplement protocol. Two capsules provide 400mg of elderberry extract, standardized to guarantee 5% total antioxidant flavonoids—the powerful components that support your immune system cells.

Elderberry has been used in herbal traditions for centuries. Today elderberry has been found to promote healthy immune system cells through its general antioxidant support. It also appears to positively affect macrophage activity.

Because these capsules contain elderberry only, they are appropriate for daily use on an ongoing basis. Paired with a healthy diet and good sleep, elderberry can help you build a solid foundation of immune health any time of year!


  • 100% standardized extract
  • From Sambucus Nigra
  • 400 mg per dose