CB2 Hemp Seed Oil 240ml

CB2 Hemp Seed Oil 240ml

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Hemp Seed Oil: Uses & Benefits

Hemp seed oil is commonly thought as being one of the healthiest and most beneficial vegetable oils out there. It is packed with "essential fatty acids" (omega-3 & omega-6) that are critical for human cell structure and function, and play a large role in proper brain function. Since our bodies don’t produce essential fatty acids by themselves, it is necessary to ensure optimal intake on a daily basis. Hemp seed oil is also rich in vitamin E, as well as numerous minerals that have a beneficial effect on our health and body.

Extraction & Processing

For Cannanda's hemp seed oil extraction, we start with organically-grown Canadian hemp seeds. When the hemp seeds are mature, they are ready for harvest, and then carefully cleaned to remove all other parts of the hemp plant that might have been collected during the harvest.

Next, the cleaned hemp seeds are put into containers, from where they travel to cooled pressing heads, which, by a purely physical process (i.e., no chemical solvents are used), presses fresh oil from the seed. This hemp oil is then passed through filtration systems in order to remove residual impurities (sediments, residues of seeds and other solid matter). In the end, we are left with a high-quality oil that is ready for packaging.


Hemp seed oil has a pleasant nutty taste and its colour varies from light to dark green. Because of its beneficial effects, it is mostly used as a natural health supplement. The oil can be used for salads, smoothies, etc. However, due to its low smoke point (the temperature at which the oil changes its characteristics and starts to smoke), it is not recommended for cooking with or for frying, as it can harm our health.

Hemp seed oil is also used as an additive in various skin and hair care products. When hemp oil is used on the scalp, the hair grows stronger, becomes shiny, elastic, less susceptible to fall out, and properly moistened. Itching, dryness and the formation of dandruff also decreases.

When used for its skin benefits, it acts as a nutrient and it can help us with many dermal and skin related problems:

  • Soothes irritated skin
  • inhibits acne formation
  • moisturizes and maintains the moisture of the skin (especially recommended for people with dry skin problems)
  • it helps balance oily skin (hemp seed oil does not clog pores, so it's considered an ideal oily-skin moisturizer)
  • reduces wrinkles and inhibits their formation
  • reduces skin inflammation
  • etc.

Ingredients & Active Compounds

Hemp seed oil is most appreciated because of its nutritional value and active ingredients. Most important ingredients of hemp seed oil are omega-3s and omega-6s. Of particular note are SDA (an omega-3) and GLA (an omega-6), which make this the single best essential fatty acid oil available for vegans and vegetarians.

Other compounds include polyphenols and minerals, that help you live your best life possible.