• Testimonial

    In your life you meet a handful of people who have a gift, they can read your body language, they figure out what troubles you without you even saying it directly, and they want to help you.

    I met Mitch 3 days ago, and it was like meeting a best friend, he truly cares about his customers and I don’t mean for a sale care or goes the extra mile to carry your bags out to your car... he gets to know you! Figures out what is wrong with you and he uses his massive amount of knowledge to get you what you need to get you on a road to a better you.

    I am to report back to him at the 2 week mark but I felt the need to do this review now, I’m way on the way to recovery! I haven’t felt this good in years! Thank you Mitch! And to your staff for being so respectful to a man who was obviously in a lot of distress... thank you all so much!

    To anyone looking to get better or just be better... go see Mitch and his staff at Green Medicine, call ahead make sure to ask to have a consult with Mitch, he’s a healer I promise!

    Highly Recommend! Talk in a couple weeks Mitch!

    Kevin Jackson

  • Testimonial

    I am nearing the end of a liver cleanse with supplements recommended by Mitch and Kerri...and I am feeling great. What a great pair, they came to my house explained everything to me about the supplements, let me know they were available anytime for consults (they did such a great job that I was very confident in what I needed to do) and I was off to the races. I will be by the store soon to go on to the next step in my effort to achieve improved health!!

    ‎Laurie Ann

  • Testimonial

    New business in North Bay! Come take a look. Excellent products with very knowledgeable staff

    Knowledgeable staff · Health food · Organic products · Great selection

    Shawn Mills

  • Testimonial

    Great selection... Awesome service by amazing people... Thank u for all that u do

    Brenda Labreche

  • Testimonial

    A friendly environment. Fresh, clean and wholesome. Will definitely go back.

    Brenda Brooks

  • Testimonial

    Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable

    Knowledgeable staff · Convenient location · Great selection

    Chad Meir

  • Testimonial

    So welcoming and friendly. I really appreciated the time you spent with us. Very knowledgeable. We will certainly be back. Loving my sweet grass.

    Knowledgeable staff

    Eileen Haggart

  • Testimonial

    Such a great place. so easy to fund things with very helpful staff and very knowledgeable. My new go to natural remedy and health food store. Thank you so much for opening.

    Tiff Wo