Palma Christi Castor Oil 120ml / 240ml

Palma Christi Castor Oil 120ml / 240ml

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All natural product. Castor oil is great for many things including, joint pain, muscle pain, hair loss, and skin care. Contains Castor Seed Oil.

Native to India, Asia and Africa. 

Castor Oil is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with mild or no odor or taste. It is an anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-fungicidal, and anti-inflammatory properties will kill bacteria associated with these conditions. It is a triglyceride in which approx. 90% fatty acid chains ricinoleate. 

Castor Oil is famous for a source of ricinoleac acid (unsaturated omega 9), a monounsaturated, 18 carbon fatty acid. 

What is Castor Oil good for?

  • Abrasions
  • Acne 
  • Age Spots
  • Calluses 
  • Scars 
  • Arthritis
  • Joint Pain 
  • Nerve Damage 
  • Stiffness 
  • Fluid Retention
  • Sore Muscles
  • Rheumatism 
  • Menstrual Cramps 
  • Athlete's Foot
  • Fungal Infections 
  • Gallbladder disorders 
  • Ring Worm 
  • Warts