Carlson- Cod liver Oil - soft gels

Carlson- Cod liver Oil - soft gels

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Helps support cognitive health. Helps maintain eyesight, skin membranes, and immune function

Fresh Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, Provides vitamins A and D, Easy-to-swallow soft gels

Cod Liver Oil Gems, Super 1,000 contains Norwegian Cod Liver Oil per soft gel, providing the important omega-3s EPA and DHA which help support cognitive health. It also offers vitamin A and vitamin D. To ensure maximum freshness, Carlson closely manages our omega-3 Cod Liver Oil from sea to production.

Carlson sources the high quality, deep, cold water fish off the coast of Norway using traditional, sustainable methods. The same day they're caught, our fish are transported to a highly-regulated Norwegian facility for processing and purification. The Cod Liver Oil is encapsulated, while the rest of the fish is used for human and animal consumption, so no part of the fish is wasted.