Ecobee - 50 Laundry Strips : Spring Breeze

Ecobee - 50 Laundry Strips : Spring Breeze

$11.50 CAD
Quantity: 1 + -

Reduce your plastic waste one strip at a time! 

  • Compatible with all machines, including : High Efficiency (HE) ; Front-loaders & Top-loaders! 
  • Compatible with cold & hot water
  • Dissolves completely 

Made from natural ingredients that are gentle on hands, but tough on stains. Our plant-based formula, derived from coconut oil extract, is perfect for machine or hand washing. Ecobee' Laundry Strips are effective in both hot and cold water and compatible with all machines. These laundry strips are ideal for those who have sensitive skin, and are also ideal for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and for those who have limited storage space at home. Plus, there is no plastic waste!! 

Small Load = 1 Strip 

Medium Load = 2 Strips 

Large Load = 3 Strips