St Francis Herb Farm - Hepato DR Tincture 50mL

St Francis Herb Farm - Hepato DR Tincture 50mL

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St Francis Herb Farm
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Use this liquid formula version of our uniquely formulated HepatoDR to support liver function and to help remove the body’s accumulated waste products.


• Supports liver function
• A superb alterative formula (i.e. a herbal agent that detoxifies the body and aids eliminatory functions)
• Featuring milk thistle, with its active silymarin constituent
• Anti-inflammatory

Who it’s for:
Take the liquid version of our HepatoDR formula if you need help with cleansing the body or with degenerative or inflammatory disorders of the liver.

NPN Use Claim:
Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine: (1) to support liver function; (2) as an alterative to help remove accumulated waste products via the kidneys, skin, and mucous membranes.