St Francis Herb Farm - Uva Ursi Tincture 50mL

St Francis Herb Farm - Uva Ursi Tincture 50mL

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St Francis Herb Farm
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St. Francis Herb Farm's Uva Ursi tincture is certified organic

Our Uva Ursi Tincture helps relieve the symptoms of mild urinary tract infections.


  • Has mild diuretic action
  • Made from berries from an evergreen perennial shrub used medicinally in Europe and in North American aboriginal cultures
  • Helps relieve symptoms like burning sensation and/or frequent urination associated with mild urinary tract infections
  • With antiseptic properties
  • Soothes, tones, and strengthen urinary tract tissues

Use our Uva Ursi Tincture if you're trying to cope with a mild urinary tract infection.